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Why Cold Pressed Juice?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It's a simple question, with a simple answer. "Because it's good for you" was my mothers favorite response to my childish whining about finishing my fruits and vegetables. As an adult, I find we live in a society that prioritizes speed and convenience over health and well-being. That is why at the grocery store I know it is important to purchase healthy options such as fruits and vegetables, but I often find I don't have the time to prepare, cook, and eat theses healthy options. So I turn my attention to grab and go Juice...

With such a variety of options it is difficult to find anything but processed, preservative-ridden, pasteurized juice products whose nutritional value marginally out weighs the negative side effects of the chemicals they contain.

What can be done?

With a surplus of digital information about health and wellness at our fingertips, people are beginning to learn that there is indeed, a better way. Documentaries such as "Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead" and "Food matters" illustrate that food is medicine and our bodies thrive when fed a plant based diet.

Studies have shown that diets containing at least 5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day, had significantly lower chances of developing degenerative conditions such as Heart disease, Diabetes, and Alzheimers. So how do we ensure that we are giving our bodies a fighting chance, when there are so many chemical ridden products on the market?

Introducing: Cold Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juicing refers to the process of using either a hydraulic or hand press to extract the juice from produce, as opposed to pasteurized juices which are nutritionally inferior. I wish I could say that we came up with this brilliant concept, but in reality cold pressed juicing first became popular in the 1970's as a form of alternative medicine. Pasteurization is a process which involves removing potentially harmful bacteria utilizing high heat while juicing which breaks down nutritional enzymes. It is worth noting that both juicing processes extract fiber and leave only pure juice, but cold pressed juicing protects the integrity of the nutrients contained in the juice and as a result has higher nutritional benefits. Those nutrients are working hard to repair trillions of damaged cells in our body, by providing oxygen, minerals, proteins, and helpful enzymes.

The Truth about Sugars

You may be asking yourself ,“Aren’t juices full of sugar?” Depends on what you are juicing! Any time you consume fruits there is bound to be sugar. Fructose found in fruit is completely natural, and is pretty difficult to consume in excess. That is why we maintain a 3:1 ratio with our juices, that’s three vegetables for every one fruit. This ensures that our juices maintain a healthy nutritional balance, and provide only natural sugars. You can also check out the glycemic index here to see which fruits have the lowest and highest amounts of sugar.

When it comes to health there is no substitute for a balanced diet and exercise. But we understand that life can get pretty hectic, and good nutrition can become an after thought. That is why we here at Drip Juice Therapy provide the very best cold pressed juices, to give your body a fighting chance and help you navigate the nutritional jungle.

For more information on our Juices or to check out our products visit us at

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