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Our Story

 Our Juicing Journey 
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Sam Kingsford


        Shelby Kingsford

Favorite Juice: Machu Beet-Chu
Favorite Juice: Mt. Kale-Imanjaro

In the midst of our daily lives, we so often lose track of what is important. Health and wellness are often sacrificed for speed and convenience. I found that the stresses of my life caused me to have a poor diet. I suffered from headaches and fatigue, and as a result, exercise was difficult for me.


 I knew that I needed to find a solution.


During my research I came upon a few texts on eastern medicine. They postulated that food could be used as medicine. Essentially, the food we put in our bodies is the predominate factor in determining a persons health.   I found that Juicing could be a long term solution to my dietary needs.


So I started Juicing

Armed with a Molotov cocktail of vitamins and nutrients  flowing through my veins,  I found that  overnight my headaches and fatigue were gone, I had more energy, and was just glowing overall. Since then, plant based nutrition has been the focus of my life for nearly a decade.


I realized that my newfound knowledge could help others, and I realized that I wanted to share this gift of health with everyone around me. It was in that moment that I decided to form Drip Juice Therapy. If I can encourage others to make a positive change, and prioritize their health, the way I have.  I know that together we can find the juice to nourish our bodies and our souls. I know you'll feel the difference, when it is


Done Right In Press

                                                                                 - Shelby Kingsford

                                                                                      Drip Juice Therapy Founder & CEO

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